I am concerned about speeding vehicles on my street, what can be done about it?
All too often when driving, motorists don't check vehicle speed. Oftentimes we assume we are operating within the limit, when in fact we are not. This stems from habit or inattention.

In 2000 the Kenilworth Police Department along with the Wilmette Police Department and Glencoe Department of Public Safety entered into a joint purchase of a speed monitoring trailer. The trailer is rotated among jurisdictions every 3 weeks and provides the motoring public with a visual reminder of their actual speed. In addition to public awareness, the unit also has the ability to provide the Police Department statistics regarding traffic. The information gained can be used to recognize traffic issues so that corrective action may be taken.

The Kenilworth Police Department has also purchased a portable speed monitoring display. This speed display can be placed in areas in which using the full-size speed trailer is difficult or not possible due to traffic concerns or the roadway configuration.

Residents with speed concerns are invited to contact the police department and speak with a supervisor to discuss a speed monitor request. The Kenilworth Police Department makes every effort to address safety concerns and will work with citizens in developing a solution.

Persons interested in learning more about speed limits and speed humps are urged to contact the Chief of Police and read the Police Department’s speed limit and speed hump information (PDF).

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1. I am concerned about speeding vehicles on my street, what can be done about it?
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