I think there should be a change in parking restrictions, how do those changes occur?

Parking sign requests are received regularly and each one is reviewed individually on its own merits. The proper deployment of parking signs is a critical component of the Village’s parking philosophy/plan. An improperly placed sign can create a hazardous situation, be confusing to motorists, or may simply displace rather than correct a problem. By comprehensively assessing each request we hope to effectively address the existing problem and to minimize other undesired consequences.

It is important to the Board of Trustees and the Village staff that we be responsive to the concerns of our residents. Processing requests for new or different parking signs is a service facilitated by the Chief of Police. Evaluating parking restriction changes is a multi-stepped process that will typically flow through the following steps:

      - Ensuring there is a consensus among a majority of the neighbors in the affected area that a change in parking restrictions is desired

      - Identifying/confirming the existence and duration of the underlying problem

      - Assessing the potential for any adverse impact a change in restrictions may have on the affected or adjacent streets

      - Charging the Police Department with preparing a recommendation designed to promote consistency with the overall parking plan surrounding the affected area

      - Presenting the request for change(s) to the Village Board of Trustees for consideration and possible implementation

Residents considering a parking restriction change are encouraged to contact the Police Chief to discuss the proposed change and to review the steps of the process.

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