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Vaping Awareness

Sent: October 24, 2017

The Kenilworth Police Department would like to share the following information on vaping to create awareness among parents and help them to identify the paraphernalia used for this activity.  Vaping has become more prevalent with high school students on the North Shore.  Vaping is the use of an electronic device to inhale nicotine vapors without producing a scented smoke. While technically tobacco-free, vaporizers burn flavored oils that contain nicotine to ultimately produce the same neurological stimuli as cigarettes.
The health risks associated with vaping are not clear. While some companies suggest vaping is a safe alternative to smoking tobacco, significant research presents an alternative opinion that vaping is harmful.  Making matters worse, some people use vaping devices—also known as vapes, juuls or E-cigarettes—to smoke THC concentrates rather than nicotine oils.
Some vaporizers are designed to look like common household items that an adolescent would carry: pens, pencil sharpeners, cell phone chargers or computer flash/thumb drives, to name just a few. This allows the user to carry the device undetected and potentially use it in public spaces without the presence of a pungent smoke.  According to national statistics high school students around the country are using vaporizers more frequently, even during the school day, to smoke nicotine or THC concentrates.
We are sharing this information with you today to inform future conversations you may wish to have with your children about smoking, vaping, marijuana and the associated health risks of each activity for adolescents. Following are a few websites of major vaping companies so you can see and read about the devices and their use:

If you’re interested in reading more about vaping among adolescents, here is a good article:


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