Green Bay Road Enhancement Project

Green Bay Road Concept

Project Overview

The villages of Kenilworth and Winnetka are working together to develop a conceptual streetscape plan for Green Bay Road from Kenilworth Avenue to Winnetka Avenue. The project area includes Kenilworth’s business district and Winnetka’s Indian Hill business district.

Building upon the Village of Kenilworth’s Green Bay Road Conceptual Transportation and Streetscape Plan (2013) and the Village of Winnetka’s Downtown Master Plan (2016), this project is intended to foster community and economic growth, improve vehicular and pedestrian experiences, and establish a welcoming image and sense of place for both communities.

This project evaluates the utilization of the public right-of-way throughout the study area, including the roadways, sidewalks, plantings, and green spaces controlled by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR).  The study will result in a cohesive Green Bay Road Streetscape Concept Design Plan to help guide future discussions with IDOT and UPRR and decision-making about specific streetscape improvements along the corridor. Final design, engineering, and construction is dependent on coordination with IDOT and UPRR and funding availability.

As the project progresses, additional information will be shared. If you have any questions, please contact Village staff at 847-251-1666 or

Project Background

In 2012, an analysis of the Green Bay Road corridor mobility was conducted. The analysis was led by the Plan Commission and included representatives from Sears School, the Park District, PACE, METRA, Union Pacific, and IDOT, with consulting support from Houseal Lavigne (planning), Gewalt Hamilton (traffic engineering), Active Transportation Alliance (transit specialists), and Altamanu (urban planning). As a result of the study, the Green Bay Road Conceptual Transportation and Streetscape plan was delivered in October 2013. In the 10 years since the report was delivered, several of the recommended changes have been implemented, including the relocation of Sterling Road and the reconfiguration of the Richmond/Kenilworth intersection near the train station. 

In 2022, the Village completed the re-visioning process for the Green Bay Road business corridor. The process included focus group meetings, public forums, as well as stakeholder surveys. During the visioning process, several commenters raised concerns related to traffic speed and pedestrian safety along Green Bay Road. Given these concerns, in addition to the renewed interest in the business district and desire to create a pedestrian-friendly area, a review of the configuration of Green Bay Road within the business district was identified as a primary goal of the Village Board in 2023.

In 2023, the villages of Kenilworth and Winnetka entered into a joint agreement with Ciorba Group to initiate a study of Green Bay Road between Kenilworth Avenue and Winnetka Road. The purpose of the study is to explore the feasibility and desirability of roadway reconfiguration concepts and identify streetscape enhancements. Over the past year, staff from both communities have been working with Ciorba to develop potential concepts to share with residents.  

Next Steps 

Conceptual Design

The conceptual design phase is currently underway. The Village is working jointly with the Village of Winnetka to explore concepts for Green Bay Road that will help revitalize the business district and increase safety. Both communities hired the Ciorba Group and Teska Associates to help with the concept development for both the roadway alignment and streetscape elements.  The goal is to select designs that are acceptable to both communities before moving to the next phase – hopefully this summer.  If the Village Boards of both communities desire to proceed, they will direct the next phase of work to begin, phase 1 engineering. 

Phase 1 Engineering

In this phase, the communities will hire an engineer to produce preliminary design drawings.  The process will involve detailed surveys, utility locating, and traffic studies as well as coordination with the Illinois Department of Transportation.  An engineer’s estimate of probable construction costs will also be produced.  The Phase 1 work will contain sufficient engineering reports to make the proposed project eligible for consideration for federal Surface Transportation Program funding.  If the villages are successful in obtaining the STP grant, 75% of the construction project would be paid via federal funds.  The Phase 1 work will likely require 12-18 months to complete after the Conceptual Design work is completed.

Design Engineering Phase

After the Phase 1 work is finished, the villages will engage the engineer to produce the final design plans for the project.  This will include project specifications, detailed cross-sections, and Plan/Profile drawings – all needed in order to obtain sealed bids from contractors for the project.  This phase would require approximately 6-8 months and will be timed to work with the IDOT bidding schedule.  If the project is awarded federal funding, IDOT will manage the bidding process and participate in the construction oversight, working closely with the villages’ engineers. 

Construction Phase

This phase is exactly what it sounds like.  Once we get further along in the planning process, we will be better able to estimate the duration and scope of the construction project. 

Upcoming Meetings

Were you unable to attend the public meeting on Thursday, February 8th? A second meeting will be held on Thursday, February 15th at 6:30 p.m. at Tala Coffee in Winnetka, where you'll be able to view and share feedback on potential concepts for Green Bay Road.