Lead Service Line Replacement & Notification Act

In 2021, the Illinois General Assembly passed House Bill 3739 as part of an effort to facilitate the identification and replacement of the existing lead service lines throughout our state. HB 3739 mandates the creation of a service line material inventory as well as the development of a replacement plan. The Village began taking inventory in 2018 and has been updating it on an annual basis since. This has included a public survey, door-to-door visits, and inspecting old building records. The purpose of this project is to gain a better understanding as to where lead service lines are still being utilized throughout our community. Lead has been proven to be dangerous to all individuals, regardless of age, health condition, and the amount of lead exposure. In April 2024, the Village's final material inventory is due, as well as its initial replacement plan. This involves submitting the following information:

Material Inventory: Replacement Plan: 
The total number of service lines within the community water supplyAn analysis of the costs and financing options for replacing lead service lines
The material of each service line within the water distribution system
A map of the areas where lead service lines are expected to be found and the sequence for their inventory 
The number of suspected lead service linesMeasures to inform the public of the plan and provide opportunities for public comment
The number of known lead service linesA proposed schedule to accomplish the replacement of lead service lines

Inventory Process

In order to meet this deadline, we ask residents to help us identify your service line material. While a significant portion of the Village's service lines are already inventoried, there remain several unknown service lines, as well as unverified lead service lines. This fall and winter, Public Works staff will be conducting door-to-door visits, with the primary purpose of identifying the material of service lines that are currently unknown, and confirming the material of currently unverified lead lines. If your service line material is currently unknown, you can expect to receive a door hanger with information on how to schedule an inspection with the Public Works Department. 

Current Inventory

Water service line materials used throughout the Village include copper, lead, and galvanized pipe. To find out what the Village's records currently list as your service line material, please visit our Community Portal. Once on the portal homepage, enter your address, and you will be directed to your property page. Once on your property page, you can find your service line material information in the middle column on the homepage under "Lead Service Inventory".

If you already know your service line material, and it is different than what our records indicate on our Community Portal, please let us know using our online form or by contacting Village Hall at 847-251-1666 or info@vok.org. If you're unsure what your service line material is, you can submit a picture of your service line through our online form for our Public Works Department to identify. 

For additional information on the potential impact of lead in your water service line, please view the resources below: