Water Operations


Drinking Water

In 2016, the Village entered into a long-term agreement for water supply with the Village of Wilmette.  The Village of Wilmette’s award-winning Carbon P. Dubs water treatment facility provides drinking water for the Village of Kenilworth, as well as the Villages of Wilmette, Glenview, Golf, and portions of Prospect Heights. Once the water enters Kenilworth, the Public Works Department is responsible for managing the operation and maintenance of our various water facilities:

Water Tower

The Village has one water tower, located at the corner of Roger and Exmoor. The water tower helps provide additional storage of drinking water for emergencies, fire protection and helps pressurize the system. This assures you have adequate and stable water pressure when you open a faucet, wash clothes, or use water in any other way. 

Booster Pump Station

In 2016, as part of the discussion to purchase water from Wilmette, an engineering study determined it would be necessary to construct a booster pump station. The booster pump station was constructed in 2016 and helps to maintain consistent pressure and provide adequate flow between Wilmette and Kenilworth.

Water Mains

In addition to the sanitary and storm collection sewers, the Public Works Department maintains the water distribution system, and assists in J.U.L.I.E. locating duties. The Village is committed to providing customers with high-quality service, dependability, and will further respond to any emergencies, including water main breaks.