Development Plans and Regulations

Comprehensive Plan

The Village's Comprehensive Plan was adopted on January 14, 2008, and establishes goals, and objectives for land-use, transportation, and community facilities, for the future development of the Village. To view the plan, please click here

Green Bay Road Corridor Vision

In July of 2021, the Village Board established an ad hoc committee to review the vision for the Green Bay Road Corridor developed in the 2008 Comprehensive Plan. As part of the Committee's work, they developed a revised vision for the Green Bay Road Corridor, which was adopted by the Village Board on August 15, 2022. The view the vision, please click here

Kenilworth Design Guidelines - Business District

Adopted on April 29, 2013, the intent of the Business District Design Guidelines is to further the vision of the Comprehensive Plan, and promote development in the business district. To view the design guidelines, please click here

Zoning Map

The location and boundaries of the zoning districts are established in the official zoning map. To view the zoning map, please click here

Zoning Code

The Village's Zoning Code establishes regulatory guidelines for items like building height, setbacks, and permitted and special uses. The Codes helps promote high quality development in the Village. To view the Zoning Code, please click here

Sign Regulations

The Village's Zoning Code also establishes guidelines for signs, to control the design, and location of all signs. To view the sign regulations, please click here

Affordable Housing Plan

The Village's Affordable Housing Plan establishes policies, incentives, and goals for affordable housing within in the Village. The view the Affordable Housing Plan, please click here