Cumnor, Abbotsford, Park, Roadway Improvements

2023 Roadway Improvements Project



The 2023 Roadway Improvements Project will take place on Cumnor Road, from Kenilworth Avenue to Woodstock Avenue, Abbotsford Road, from Kenilworth Avenue to Woodstock Avenue, and eastbound Park Drive, from Brier Street to Green Bay Road.

Scope of Work

The project will include the removal and replacement of the roadway, combination concrete curbs and gutters, and driveways aprons.

Tentative Timeline  

Weather permitting, the preparation for construction is scheduled to begin on April 17th and is anticipated to complete in 30 working days. Per Village code 135.02, hours of construction hours are as follows:

Monday to Friday from 7AM to 6PM.
Saturdays from 9AM to 5PM.
No construction work on Sundays or holidays.

Resident Information

Residents in the construction area on Cumnor and Abbotsford received correspondences on the project. On April 17th, residents on eastbound Park and westbound Park received information on the project.  To receive daily updates, please subscribe by texting "roadway" to 41372.  Updates will also be included on the Village website.

Week of 05-01-2023

Restoration of the project area begins.

05-01-2023: RESCHEDULED for 05-04-2023

Laying of final surface layer of asphalt on Abbotsford Road.


Cumnor and Abbotsford roads reopen in the morning. Although Abbotsford Road is not scheduled for asphalt until Monday, May 1st, the initial layer of asphalt has been applied allowing vehicles to access the road.


Contractor will apply tack coat primer on Cumnor, Abbotsford, and Park. Shortly after, the laying of asphalt will take place on eastbound Park Drive and Cumnor Road. Reopening of Park Drive is anticipated for the end of the day with resident access to driveway aprons. Prior to paving the roadway, the contractor will begin replacing asphalt driveway aprons.


Asphalt removal on Cumnor, Abbotsford, and Park. In preparation of the asphalt, tack coat will be applied early Thursday. Residents are advised to remain off the roadway beginning 11PM tonight. Due to the sticky tack coat, all three roads will be closed beginning at 11PM to avoid damages to cars.


With curb work completed on all three streets, the contractor will begin pouring concrete for residents with concrete driveways.  Driveway access is available for those without concrete driveways.  Those with concrete driveways will have to wait to regain access after the concrete cures.  Public Works will continue to install brick driveways and notify residents of their progress.


Concrete work completed on Cumnor and Abbotsford and will continue on Park tomorrow.  Driveways remain inaccessible until concrete cures.


Weather permitting, concrete will be poured on Cumnor and Abbotsford.  Contractor will string line curbs on Park Drive in preparation of the new curbs. Residents on all streets are asked to move their cars by 7AM.


Removal of curb and gutters on Park Drive.  Residents on Park Drive will be asked to remove their vehicles until temporary access is made available.


Construction begins on Cumnor and Abbotsford. Residents on Cumnor and Abbotsford must remove their cars before 7AM on 04-17-2023.


Saw cutting curbs on Cumnor and Abbotsford in preparation for curb and gutter removal.


Public Works began the removal of brick driveway aprons on Cumnor and Abbotsford.


Village Board awarded the 2023 Roadway Improvements Project to Chicagoland Paving Contractors, Inc. The Village also entered into an agreement with Ciorba Group for construction management services.