Snow Removal


During the winter months, the Public Works Department turns its attention to snow plowing to keep Kenilworth's roadways safe for motorists and pedestrians. 

Snow Removal & Salting

The goal of the Village is to maintain safe vehicular and pedestrian traffic on publicly maintained streets and sidewalks. Before, during, and after snow events, the Public Works Department will use a number of different methods to help achieve this goal, including the following:

  • Salt all streets prior to a predicated snow event
  • Plow during and after a snow event until the streets are cleared
  • Salt all streets after a snow event to prevent icing

During a snow event, crews will first focus on arterial streets to ensure main, bus, and emergency routes are cleared. Once the main routes are clear, crews will begin secondary routes, including neighborhood side streets. 

Parking Restrictions

During snow events, please avoid from parking on the street to help facilitate the efficient removal of snow from Village streets. Overnight parking is prohibited.

Sidewalk Snow Removal

During snow events in excess of 3", crews will also plow the sidewalks. To clear the sidewalks, crews utilize a utility vehicle with a mounted plow. During these events, priority will first be given to school routes, then the business district, followed by the remaining neighborhood sidewalks. The goal of the department is to maintain a passable sidewalk system.

Important Information for Snow Removal Contractors

If you utilize a private snow removal service, please remind them not to blow or plow snow into the street, or on the parkway across the street. This not only creates additional work for our public works team but often is also a nuisance to the receiving properties. Snow should be pushed or piled in the parkway on your side of the street. Please see the diagram below:

 Snow Diagram _1_