Streets Maintenance


The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining much of the public infrastructure you see on a daily basis, including the streets, curbs, and sidewalks. The Department performs a number of different services on the streets, and public right-of-way, which are listed below:

Services Provided

  • Maintenance and construction of streets and curbs
    • Street & pothole patching
    • Road repaving
  • Maintenance and construction of public sidewalks
  • Maintenance of Village-owned trees
  • Maintenance of street lights and traffic signals
  • Maintenance of Village vehicles
  • Removal of ice and snow from public streets and sidewalks
  • Cleaning of streets

Street Sweeping

The purpose of street cleaning is not only to clean the pavement and make the road look nice but also to remove harmful substances before they make their way into the stormwater system and pollute the waterways. The Villages contracts with Lakeshore Recycling Services for street sweeping services. 

You can assist Public Works in their efforts to keep streets clean. On street sweeping days, please avoid parking on the street. Sweeping operations are most effective on unobstructed streets. The Village will announce upcoming street sweepings via our newsletter, the Kenilworth Contact