Green Bay Road Strategic Vision Committee

The Green Bay Road Strategic Vision Committee is an ad hoc committee that was created by the Village Board in July of 2021. The purpose of the Committee is to determine if the vision developed in the 2008 Comprehensive Plan for the future of the Green Bay Road Corridor is still relevant. The following tasks have been identified in order to position the Village properly for improving the business district: 

  • Phase I - Collection and distillation of stakeholder opinions (preliminary work completed by the Green Bay Road Corridor Review Committee); 
  • Phase ll - Review of the vision and objectives for the Green Bay Road Corridor as provided in the Comprehensive Plan of 2008; 
  • Phase III - Review of regulations, guidelines, and plans to determine if they remain aligned with the vision; and 
  • Phase IV - Revision of items found to not be in support of the vision 

The Committee has finished its work and on August 15, 2022, the Village Board adopted a new Vision for the Green Bay Road Corridor. Phase III work will be conducted by the various boards and commissions with input from the business district. The members of the Committee are as follows:

  • JT Mohr, Chair
  • Chick Evans
  • Marcus Franklin
  • Cary Johnson
  • Vicky Thompson
  • Liz Watson

Green Bay Road Corridor Vision

As adopted by the Village Board on 08/15/2022

In the year 2040….

Green Bay Road Corridor 

The Green Bay Road Corridor has been transformed into a vibrant pedestrian friendly hub of village economic and social activity, featuring welcoming spaces and local businesses for community gathering.  A neighborhood center, it offers an appealing mix of dining, shopping and retail services to enrich and simplify the lives of its residents.  The community is more vibrant, economically healthy and connected.

Sensitive to the village’s architectural heritage, the revitalized Corridor showcases the community’s charm and unique personality.  Older buildings have been beautified with refreshed facades and signage, and structures are adapted for contemporary needs.  New appropriately scaled mixed-use properties complement the area with enhanced amenities that residents desire.  An aesthetically restored and vibrant corridor better reflects and fits into its highly appealing residential surroundings.

Streetscape enhancements establish safe and efficient pedestrian, and automobile traffic throughout the corridor.  Also, inviting warm features such as wider sidewalks, shade trees, benches, planters and lighting promote walkability, offer informal places to gather, and outdoor dining opportunities.  Parking improvements enhance safety and support businesses in a thoughtful way.

Village utilities and infrastructure have been upgraded as the vitality of the Corridor has grown. 

The Green Bay Road Corridor supports a healthy future for Kenilworth through enhanced quality of life, enriched community engagement and improved economic development.

Survey Results


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