Kenilworth 2023 Infrastructure Improvement Plan - Green Streets

The Village has a long history of sanitary sewer surcharge and overland flooding.  After the significant rain event in 2008 which left residents with pools of water in basements and streets, the Village Board of Trustees sought to alleviate the flooding problems plaguing the village.  Engineering studies followed and identified that the combined sewer system increased sewer surcharging.  After residents voted to issue bonds, the Kenilworth 2023 Infrastructure Improvement Program was established.  In 2017, the first phase of Green Streets was completed on Cumberland, Roslyn, and Melrose.  The project included the installations of porous asphalt, porous parkways, and under-road detention.  The design of Phase I successfully provides flooding relief, and now planning is underway for Phase II on Raleigh, Leicester, and Warwick. 

To learn more about Green Streets, please read our latest brochure found here.  For any questions or for additional information, please refer to the information below or feel free to call Village Hall at 847-251-1666.

Permeable Pavers

After extensive study and planning, the Village is close to finalizing a design that will address flooding in basements and roadways on Raleigh, Leicester and Warwick.  In addition to under-road detention and a separate storm sewer, one of the most visible components of the Green Streets program is the road surface.  Our analysis points to porous pavers as being a significantly better option than porous asphalt.  

What are permeable pavers?  Click the picture below for a demonstration video!

PaverDemo Opens in new window

In October 2020, the Village had sent communications to residents located in the project area.  Please click here to view the correspondence that was sent to residents on Raleigh, Leicester, and Warwick. The permeable paver was displayed as follows:
CaptureWant to see them installed? Click here for a list of locations around the area!

Related Discussions

The Village Board, Committee of the Whole (the Village Board meeting as a planning group), and Public Works Committee will have several meetings to discuss the status of the proposed KW2023 Green Streets project on Raleigh, Leicester, and Warwick.  

If you had missed the meetings or would like to revisit them, please find access to the links below.

December 7, 2020 - Committee of the Whole

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January 12, 2021 - Committee of the Whole

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June 24, 2021 - Public Works Committee