Peer Jury Program

The New Trier Township Peer Jury Program was created in 1998 by a collaboration of the Township Board, police departments from Wilmette, Kenilworth, Winnetka, Northfield and Glencoe, public and private high schools in the area and social service agencies that serve the Township.

This program is used as an alternative to sending 1st-time youthful offenders through the criminal court system. The juvenile officer at the arresting police department decides whether a case is appropriate for the peer jury. Typical offenses may include shoplifting, vandalism, fighting, trespassing, curfew violation and possessing drug paraphernalia or marijuana.


Youthful offenders are judged and sentenced by a jury comprised of their adolescent peers and often receive sentences that require restitution and/or community service. The Peer Jury Program is administered through the New Trier Township office and has proven to be very effective.

For more information please visit the Peer Jury page located on the Township's website.