Construction Regulations / Requirements

As part of the building permit process associated with new construction or substantial renovation of existing structures, all builders/contractors are required to meet with the Police Department Services Division supervisor (Police Chief Bryan Carlson 847-251-2141). The purpose of this meeting is to:

  • Discuss the magnitude and duration of the project.
  • Assess the impact that the project will have on traffic, parking, emergency vehicle access and pedestrian safety.
  • Educate builders/contractors regarding the laws and ordinances that regulate parking, traffic, noise and other safety concerns that are common to construction activity.
  • Provide the Police Department with an opportunity to proactively address concerns typically associated with construction activity by implementing sign changes that will enhance project needs (e.g. delivery of materials, site ingress/egress, and parking for workers) and balance those needs against public safety concerns (e.g. normal traffic flow, emergency vehicle access, and pedestrian safety).
  • Provide builders/contractors with insight on the general residential character of the community and to communicate how a degree of sensitivity to this type of environment will help to ensure the safe, efficient and expeditious completion of the project.

Guidelines concerning construction site project management:

  • Construction noise/activity/deliveries may only occur between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Saturday, and at no time on Sundays or Holidays.
  • Temporary fencing must be erected and maintained around excavations and unsecured structures. Unattended excavations and structures must be gated/secured.
  • All work to take place on said property and not on adjacent public or private properties; and all work to be done in a manner of least inconvenience including dust and noise control.
  • Public streets, sidewalks and parkways to be clear of debris and dumpsters; not used material storage. Mud/debris tracked onto streets and sidewalks to be removed at least daily.
  • A Village-issued construction site management regulations and contact information notice must be prominently displayed on site.
  • Portable toilets must be located at the rear of the lot and out of plain view of any public right-of-way.
  • On-site parking is strongly encouraged as the primary alternative for deliveries and workmen parking. A parking plan will be developed by the Police Department for those sites not spatially equipped to fully accommodate on-site parking.
  • “No Parking” signs are generally posted directly in front of large scale construction site projects. This restricted zone serves to provide an area for active loading and unloading of construction materials/equipment while allowing for the orderly flow of vehicular traffic. (While this restriction may displace 3-4 worker vehicles; an orderly flow of traffic, as well as emergency vehicle access, is maintained.)
  • As needed, on street parking may need to be limited to one side of the street. This restriction will be based upon the width of the street, traffic flow and safety concerns. This restriction will generally be posted on the opposite side of the street from the project site and will be limited to construction work hours.
  • Newly posted restrictions will be posted on green high visibility temporary signs for a minimum of 7 days. Based on the duration of the project (and weathering) these signs may be replaced with standard red-on-white signs.
  • Parking and ordinance enforcement generally begins with an educational component that may include verbal/written warnings. Citations will be issued to subsequent or ongoing violations. As needed, Stop Work orders are issued through the Village office.
  • As needed, additional “No Parking” zones may be authorized to facilitate usually bulky deliveries or other special needs such as the disconnection/connection to underground utilities, etc. Such requests should be submitted to the Police Department at least 48 hours prior to the occurrence.
  • Throughout the duration of the project the construction site and surrounding area will be monitored by Village and Police personnel to ensure compliance with safety, building and zoning restrictions.
  • As needed, project meetings may be scheduled to address on-going or recurring problems or concerns brought to the attention of the Village or Police Department.