Emergency Notification System

The Kenilworth Police Department, in conjunction with other New Trier Township police and fire departments, offers an emergency notification service to residents and local businesses. The service is used to provide time-sensitive information regarding public health and safety situations such as lost children, emergency boil orders or environmental emergencies. The system is activated by geographical area and only provides notification to a list of pre-registered telephone numbers.
The service relies on a database of published phone numbers and, due to circumstances beyond our control, not all local phone numbers are listed in the system. To ensure that you are included in the notification database or to register an additional contact number-such as a work or cellular phone number in the event that you’re not home when the system is activated subscribe to CodeRed.

All numbers submitted will be used for emergency purposes only and will not be divulged to any other party for any reason. For more information please call Sergeant Bryan Carlson at 847-251-2141 or see the CodeRed website.